About us

KeepClean is a market leading sanitizing and disinfectant brand. We strive to be at the forefront of the sanitizing and disinfectant industry. Our highly skilled chemists develop superior sanitizing and disinfectant products for both commercial and household use. We spare no expense in the development of our products to ensure complete satisfaction to the end user. All our products are laboratory certified to the appropriate SANS and EN standards, ensuring world wide compliance.

WARNING – Never use 70% Alcohol Sanitizer  to disinfect your surfaces in your home, your office equipment,  computers or car interiors, as prolonged exposure of alcohol on plastic surfaces will cause crazing and stiffening, resulting in cracking of some plastics or softenting of others. It will stiffen certain rubbers and permanently damage wooden coatings. It will also dry out the natural emollients in your cars leather resulting in cracking.
The resulting  damage in all cases will be irreversible.
KeepClean Advanced surface disinfectant contains non alcohol, is non toxic, non- carcinogenic, is not a bleach and is biodegradable water based disinfectant, tested and certified to all the South African National Standards and European National standards certified to kill 99.999% of germs. Polymers like ABS, PC, PPMA, PS, PVC, SAN, PE, PP, PA, PB, have a high tendency to display ESC (Enviromental Stress Cracking) as the solvent becomes locally dissolved and promotes crazing, cracking or plasticization. In some cases immediate damage may not occur, but damage will only be noticable after prolonged exposure or use. Polymers like PET, HDPE, LDPE are resistant to Ethanol and IPA sanitizers and are typically used for manufacture of containers and bottles, and not commonly found in your vehicle, computers, or office equipment.